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A Family Legacy of Conservation in Central Minnesota

As Central Minnesota has grown, and cities like Alexandria have expanded outward, natural lands that so many have used for recreation and hunting have begun to feel the pressures of development. Fortunately, a partnership of local residents and organizations has come together to protect the last remaining open areas. Recently Don Eggers and his family [...]

Good Conservation – It’s also about Beer

This article first appeared in our April 2020 Landowner Newsletter. Read more on our Publications page. While each of the Minnesota Land Trust’s nearly 600 properties protected by conservation easements are unique, there’s one property in southeastern Minnesota that also has important historic and cultural features worthy of preservation, according to the conservation easement itself. [...]

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Healing the Natural Landscapes of SE Minnesota

The most biodiverse part of Minnesota, the Southeast is a special place for many Minnesotans. Unfortunately years of development and parcelization have impacted this unique habitat, and put ground water supplies at risk of impairment. Fortunately private landowners throughout the Southeast are stepping up to restore and protect the places they cherish. Just this month [...]

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Camp Olson

Protecting the Outdoors for Future Generations

When E.O. Olson donated the land near Longville that would become YMCA Camp Olson in 1954, he inscribed these words on the dedication plaque: “One man may not live to see his dreams come true, but his institutions carry on. We hope the Young Man’s Christian Association will preserve in this camp a paradise of [...]

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Expanding Bird Habitat in the Twin Cities Metro

Anoka County is growing rapidly, and that increased population has propelled development into areas that were once undisturbed natural wildlife habitat. Fortunately, several local landowners have stepped up to protect important natural areas that provide needed shelter and food for a range of wild species. Recently the Minnesota Land Trust worked with one of these [...]

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