Protection Grants

A southwestern Minnesota landscape featuring Pipestone Creek

Accelerating Habitat Conservation in Southwest Minnesota Program

Protect Critical Habitat & Natural Resources While Maintaining Property Ownership You can help improve drinking water and aquatic habitat; ensure that prairie streams, wetlands and grasslands continue to provide critical habitat for pheasants and other wildlife; and help preserve your way of life in southwest Minnesota. The Minnesota Land Trust is seeking private landowners who [...]

Protecting Minnesota’s Lakes of Outstanding Biological Significance

Protect Critical Habitat & Natural Resources in Northern Minnesota While Maintaining Property Ownership As a landowner in northern Minnesota, you play a critical role in preserving northern forests and our iconic clean, cold, freshwater lakes that support an abundance of diverse wildlife, including big gamefish like walleye and the common loon. For more information [...]

Grants, Protection Grants

Sauk River Watershed Protection Program

The Sauk River, a state-designated water trail, provides an excellent recreational opportunity for paddlers. A variety of landscapes unfold along the 90-mile Sauk River, including near-shore wetlands and oak savannas, as well as prairie grasslands and thick hardwood forests—home to most of the birds that are native to central Minnesota, including cardinals, woodpeckers and a [...]

Grants, Protection Grants

A man stands on a rock outcrop in northern Minnesota fishing on a tree lined river with rapids in the foreground

North Shore Coldwater Fisheries Program

Fishing at Big Fork River, a state water trail. Conserve Forest & Wetlands While Still Owning Your Land The Minnesota Land Trust is seeking private landowners who wish to help protect high quality wildlife habitat along cold water rivers and streams in the Lake Superior region. As a landowner in the Lake Superior watershed, you [...]

Grants, Protection Grants

A great blue heron soars above cattails and a wetland

Anoka Sand Plain Protection Program

Protect the land you love The Anoka Sand Plain contains thousands of shallow wetlands, miles of scenic rivers and streams, and the largest concentration of critically imperiled oak savanna in the Midwest. The Anoka Sand Plain also serves as a critical filter for the aquifer that provides the Twin Cities and east-central Minnesota with most [...]

Grants, Protection Grants




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