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Ned Phillips
Rock Lake

Preserving the Family Farm for the Future

As the population in Pine County has continued to grow, some concerned landowners are working hard to protect the county’s important natural lands and waters from expanding development. Dave Odendahl is one such landowner. Dave grew up on the family farm, eventually taking it over and working the fields himself. And now, as he hangs [...]

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John Baird in 2018

John Baird, a founding member of the Minnesota Land Trust recently passed away.

John Baird, a founding member of the Minnesota Land Trust passed away on July 18, 2020 at age 96. John was passionate about the environment and had a deep sense of responsibility for taking care of the natural land. In addition to being one of the founding members of the Minnesota Land Trust, he also [...]


Silver Creek

Protecting the Waters of the St. Croix

Continued growth and outward development have always put pressure on the natural areas around the Twin Cities metro, but in recent years these trends have accelerated. The few remaining green spaces around the metro are steadily being converted to suburban development—impacting the many public benefits these green spaces provide. Fortunately, local families have stepped up [...]

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Heron Lake Area Protection Program

The Heron Lake watershed was once a water bird production and migration area of international significance. Vast beds of wild celery and robust stands of bulrush, combined with a seemingly endless prairie around Heron Lake to support an awe inspiring number of colonial water birds and migratory waterfowl. Protection and preservation of wetland and prairie [...]

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Byer Lake

Protecting Nature for Future Generations

Over the past few decades, the St. Cloud area has been one of the fastest growing regions in Minnesota. As residential and commercial development has crept outward into the rural areas, the natural lands that so many have used for recreation and hunting have begun to decline. The water quality of the area’s lakes and [...]

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