Connecting People and Nature

Ambassador Lands

Bringing people into Minnesota’s natural spaces to help create meaningful connections to nature and build awareness, appreciation, and a greater conservation ethos.

What Ambassador Lands is and How it Works

Through the Ambassador Lands program, the Minnesota Land Trust matches conservation program landowners whose properties support specific outdoor learning and recreation activities to nonprofit groups interested in engaging in these activities to facilitate accessible, safe, and controlled outdoor experiences.  

This gives landowners the opportunity to share the land they steward while promoting the outdoor activities they love and enables participants to have meaningful nature experiences.  

These are one-time events facilitated by the Minnesota Land Trust and their nonprofit partners, and are organized in conjunction with Minnesota Land Trust landowners.  

Check out the Ambassador Lands FAQ to learn more.

What are the Benefits to Group Participants?

  • Participants gain confidence when they have new experiences and practice new skills in a controlled environment. Natural habitats located on private property create the best opportunity for participant success.  
  • Participants may be able to visit locations in Minnesota that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to access, including seeing intact ecosystems, which aren’t typically available in a city or even state park setting.  
  • Being in nature promotes mental and physical health, both for individuals and communities – and too many people today do not have regular access to outdoor spaces where they live and work.  

What are the Benefits to Landowners?

  • Making private lands available to facilitate meaningful outdoor experiences is another way for landowners to help further conservation work in Minnesota. 
  • Property owners can build connections and find common ground with more people who share their interests, hobbies, and love of the outdoors.  
  • Landowners may learn more about the flora and fauna of their properties through the experiences of the program participants. 

Ambassador Lands Furthers the Minnesota Land Trust Mission

Spending time in nature is positively correlated with feeling a connection to nature. And connecting with nature is a critical first step to becoming a steward and advocate for native habitat conservation and restoration, two core tenets of the Minnesota Land Trust mission. 

Through Ambassador Lands, we will increase people’s awareness and appreciation of nature by facilitating meaningful experiences with the aim of cultivating a conservation ethos, especially among young people and individuals without convenient, reliable, or safe access to the outdoors.  

Check out the Ambassador Lands FAQ to learn more about the program.

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