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These are some commonly asked questions about the Ambassador Lands program. If you still have questions, please contact us.

General Questions

What is the Minnesota Land Trust’s role in this?

Minnesota Land Trust acts as a project manager throughout the process and is there every step of the way. We match the nonprofit group with a landowner who has expressed interest in the program and has the appropriate outdoor space to support the activity the group wishes to experience.

We work with both the landowner and nonprofit group to define the details like scheduling, liability waivers, transportation and other support logistics, and ensure a mutually beneficial and positive outcome for all involved.

Have you done this before? What were the results?

Yes! A pilot Ambassador Lands event was held in the fall of 2021. A small group of five hunters were paired with mentors and experienced their first small game hunt in a safe, controlled environment on an amazing property in the Driftless Area of Minnesota.  

Landowner Questions

What kind of activities could I host as a landowner? 

What outdoor activities do you enjoy doing on your property or is your property naturally suited to support? Birding? Ice fishing? Any of these (and more) are activities you could host!

What level of engagement would I have as a landowner?

Property owners can have any level of engagement that they and the participating group feel comfortable with as facilitated by Minnesota Land Trust. If you only wish to participate during the planning process, that’s fine. If you want to be provide other logistics support or participate in the event, that’s also an option. 

When will groups have access or permission to use my property?

These activities are specifically designed to provide short-term access, such as for an afternoon, day, or a weekend. All of this is determined in advance through discussions and meetings between landowners and the nonprofit group and documented via liability waivers and memorandums of understandings (MOU) to insure a safe and successful outcome for all parties involved. 

Does hosting groups activities on my property pose any legal risks to me as a landowner?

We work to mitigate risk by facilitating extensive communication between landowners and groups. We also utilize liability waivers and memorandums of understandings (MOU) to document the agreed-upon criteria and protect all parties involved.  

Group Questions

What kind of nature-based activities qualify for a nonprofit group to participate?

Just about any nature-based activity qualifies, such as bird watching, wildcrafting, forest bathing, nature photography, fishing, or small game hunting to name a few. 

What kinds of groups can participate in Ambassador Lands?

Minnesota Land Trust is seeking non-profit partners who are 501(c)3 organizations that are already engaged in programming that involves nature-based activities. We especially invite the participation of nonprofits that are run by or who serve African American, Indigenous and other communities of color, under-resourced communities, and LGBTQIA2S+ communities.  

I have a group that could be a good fit, but we run on a tight budget or are self-funded. Are there options for us?

Depending on the nature of the group and the activity, we may be able to help identify funding sources and secure grant dollars to help facilitate the event.

Is this program only for youth groups or can adult groups participate too?

Groups can be comprised of just about any mix of ages and abilities as long as all members are able to participate in the planned activity safely. 

Want to host an Ambassador Lands event or
become a participant group?

Let’s talk about your property, activity idea or group!

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