The Values and Vision and Five Major Goals outlined below are part of a comprehensive internal DEIJ plan that the Minnesota Land Trust is in the process of implementing, an essential step in the organization’s evolution.  

Thanks to the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation and the Avarna Group for their guidance and leadership in helping shape the plan. For questions or more information about the Minnesota Land Trust’s DEIJ plan, please contact us.  

Values and Vision

We believe that a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) is essential to our mission and will result in a deepening of our impact, relevancy, and durability. Just as biodiversity makes ecosystems stronger, continued DEIJ work will help the Minnesota Land Trust and the communities we serve thrive.  

We believe that everyone has the right to a healthy environment and meaningful connections to the outdoors. As Minnesota’s state-wide land trust, it is our responsibility to support the needs of all Minnesotans and be more relevant to their lives.  

We believe that land ownership, land use, and conservation—the fields in which we operate—have a history of explicitly excluding people of color and other marginalized communities. As such, we have an obligation to not perpetuate this historical harm and to do our part in Minnesota to advance the conservation movement into a more inclusive era.  

We believe that a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable conservation community will be able to better innovate, problem-solve, and adapt to the conservation issues of tomorrow. Our ability to remain relevant, attract leaders, and garner support will depend on how we collectively respond to this challenge.

Five Major Goals

  1. Diversify the organization and make it more equitable and inclusive for staff, board members, volunteers, and contractors.  
  1. Provide capacity for staff to grow professionally and to develop meaningful, authentic partnerships with communities and organizations that will further our DEIJ goals. 
  1. Integrate DEIJ values into our conservation project selection and development.  
  1. Create programs and initiatives to advance DEIJ goals.  
  1. Communicate our DEIJ values and secure funding to advance DEIJ initiatives.



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