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Border Lakes

Andrew Moe

This area encompasses a large area of rugged wilderness in northeastern Minnesota characterized by boreal forest and cold, clear lakes.

Much of this program area is covered by public lands, including the Superior National Forest and the iconic Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wildernesss (BWCAW), one of Minnesota’s most treasured wilderness areas. Privately-owned shorelands face increasing pressure from shoreline development, particularly for ‘gateway lakes’ in close proximity to the BWCAW. Maintaining habitat connectivity, buffering existing public lands, preserving water quality, and protecting scenic viewsheds on natural shoreland are important conservation goals in this area.

The conservation area features a number of species, including the enigmatic Canada Lynx, boreal owls, and iconic species like black bears and gray wolves.

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    Minnesota’s iconic northern forests are home to some of Minnesota’s most storied species and provide unique outdoor recreation and hunting opportunities. Unfortunately, as the development of forest lands has accelerated over the years, the extensive network of wildlife habitat and publicly accessible open space in northern Minnesota has been threatened. Working to reverse this trend, [...]

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